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Meryl Streep Factsheet

Note: Meryl Streep does not have an official/public Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media/networking account.

Meryl Streep & Emma Thompson about working with Stephen Sondheim


Happy Birthday Twiggy!  (September 19 1949)


Gustave Caillebotte - The Floor Scrapers (1875-6)

Original on top, later version below

"Despite the effort Caillebotte put into the painting, it was rejected by France’s most prestigious art exhibition, The Salon, in 1875. The depiction of working-class people in their trade, not fully clothed, shocked the jurors and was deemed a ‘vulgar subject matter.’ 

The images of the floor scrapers came to be associated with Degas’s paintings of washerwomen, also presented at the same exhibition and similarly scorned as ‘vulgar’”.


Kevin Spacey & Mena Suvari
The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014),
dir. by Wes Anderson


Remus Arthur Potter, you were named after two men who looked out for my safety and cared about my well-being out of altruism and decency rather than because I was a tool for them to use or because I was someone’s son.

cybersyncing said: ok but hear me out: The Hobbit where everything is the same except Bilbo has the personality of Martin Freeman

JK Rowling’s and Evanna Lynch’s twitter conversation


I offer you my hand, my heart. Jane, I ask you to pass through life at my side— to be my second self, and my best earthly companion.

Jane Eyre (2011), Cary Fukunaga

"Ron, I should tell you. Most Muggles aren’t accustomed to seeing a flying car."

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